Non-Foyer Series 66


Series 66 is a number that seems to have been reserved for order forms of various types, and I have seen it used on non-post card order forms as well. It was used over a long period of time for this purpose, as these non-foyer post cards show.


The 1906 version I have only seen once, and do not have. I would be interested to see items with The Natural Food Company which also use the Series 66 number.


The red 1908 order form for the “Vital Question” cookbook shows the cover of this book. While this order form says “The Shredded Wheat Company,” the cookbook it refers to is published by “The Natural Food Company.” This item was issued right at the time the company changed its name from The Natural Food Company to The Shredded Wheat Company, a name it had used in Worcester, Massachusetts, before moving to Niagara Falls. The Series 66 number appears in the lower left corner of the card.


Order form for the “Vital Question” Back used on this 1908 card – note heading



The 1911 order form is for the successor to “The Vital Question,” a booklet called “Shredded Wheat Dishes.” In fact, this was first published in 1910, and the reddish-brown card [which has no date] was perhaps prepared for that edition. The blue card for the same book has 1911 & The Shredded Wheat Company added in the lower left corner with the Series 66 number.


Series 66 – Shredded Wheat Dishes – no date Series 66 back
Series 66 – Shredded Wheat Dishes – 1911 date lower left Series 66 back


In 1914, the Shredded Wheat Company published a booklet called “The Wonders of Niagara,” which described the other attractions at Niagara Falls as well as The Shredded Wheat Company. The order form post card for this booklet also used the Series 66 number in the lower left corner, along with the 1914 date and the company name.


In 1917, a small booklet called “The Happy Way to Health” was published. This order form post card, in green, Has Series 66 in the lower left, but no date.


Note that the heading on the back has altered slightly.


Series 66 – 1914 – Wonders of Niagara – date in lower left Back with new heading
Series 66 – 1917 The Happy Way to Health – no date lower left Back with heading as above


There are in all likelihood many other Series 66 post cards, and I am always glad to hear of them. Please email me



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