Foyer Cards Series 103


While the Series 22 view provided ample room on the view side for a message, Series 103 does not. Set II has “Greetings from Niagara Falls” in the top line, Sets III and IV both have an “It’s All in the Shreds” message in brown in the upper left corner. Sets II & III have a PMC back; Series IV has an undivided back. Here the line at the bottom of the card has changed on IVA from “Mailed from The Natural Food Conservatory. The finest and most hygienic Industrial Building in the world” to “Shredded Wheat – the cleanest and purest of all cereal foods, made in the cleanest, most hygienic food factory in the world.”


On the Set II view, the inscription under the factory says “The Natural Food Conservatory/”The Home of Shredded Wheat”. On both Set III & IV, the inscription under the factory view has been changed to “The Home of Shredded Wheat/Niagara Falls, N.Y.”


For cards with “It’s All in the Shreds” message in red in the upper left corner, see Set V.



IIB – Series 103 – Greetings from Niagara Falls at top Private Mailing back on IIB
IIIB – Series 103 – “It’s All in the Shreds” in brown Private Mailing Card back on IIIB
IVB – Series 103 – “It’s All in the Shreds’” in brown and a change in the line at bottom Undivided back on Set IV.
IVB error –



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