Foyer Cards Recipe Cards


Sets VI & VII have cards very different from preceding cards. We have called them “recipe cards” because they describe ways of serving Shredded Wheat and are sometimes found in dealers’ stocks under the recipe category. These cards seem to have come concurrently with the previous sets.


The first two of these [Set VI] are the same size as previous cards, with the familiar undivided back and the “Mailed from” message. The first [1908] has no Series number, and has the company name [The Natural Food Company, Niagara Falls, NY] in the bottom right corner. The second [1909] has a Series number of 147, and has the same view as a blotter with a Series number of 148. It is very much like the first card, but the company name is no longer at bottom right, and the line at the bottom of the card has been changed from “Warm Biscuit in Oven before Using” to “Ready-Cooked — Ready-to-Serve — Appetizing — Strengthening.” Series 147 at bottom left comes in both black and light blue


Set VII has larger sized cards – more the size of a blotter – and in fact each of those listed below has a corresponding blotter with a consecutive Series number. Both Series 177 [1909] and Series 193 [1910] feature Shredded Wheat and strawberries, and both say “Niagara-Buffalo” at lower right – an indication that these cards were printed by Niagara Litho Company of Buffalo, NY. The backs are undivided, with the one on 193 including a “(This side for the address only)” message. It is odd that this message should first appear on cards well into the era when messages could be written on the address side of post cards.


It is very possible that there are other similar cards out there besides the ones we picture, and I would be happy to hear from anyone with any new items. [List & pictures follow.]



Set VI, A – Shredded Wheat with Strawberries. w/Co. name No series number – undivided back
Set VI, B – Series 147, Shredded Wheat with Strawberries With series number – undivided back
Set VII, A – Series 177, Time for Shredded Wheat Series 177 – large size undivided back
Series VII, B – Series 193, When You Think of Strawberries Series 193 – large size undivided back with (This side for address only)


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