Hot Breakfast Hints


[See 1932 ad – same “Natural Energy Food ” theme.]




These cards are printed in blue ink on gray cardboard:  Hot Breakfast Hints is printed in a blue banner at the top;  Eat Shredded Wheat Daily – The Natural Energy Food  is printed in a second blue banner at the bottom.  There are two 2 recipes per card.  I know of one three such cards:



German Milk Toast/Shredded Wheat Biscuit Omelet

Shredded Wheat Porridge/Poached Eggs Hollandaise

Shredded Wheat, Winter Style/Quick Hot Shredded Wheat



Canadian:  – similar theme but very different appearance – Cold Weather Suggestions for Nabisco Shredded Wheat as a Hot Cereal across top of card


      Shredded Wheat Porridge- English only, and bilingual



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