These small comics were done in conjunction with Wrangler Jeans, and were offered as “a gift from Rin Tin Tin.”  There is no reference to Rin Tin Tin in the comics themselves, only on the box back that featured them.  There are six of them, all entitled “Ride ‘em Cowboy” and featuring a rodeo rider.  They are about the same size as a card insert, and are printed by Custom Comics.  We include them here, as they were in Shredded Wheat boxes. 


Wrangler also did small comics (even smaller than these) at about this time, which were made to attach to clothes being sold in the store.  Do not confuse these with the above.  We have pictured one of the “store comics” for comparison.

Wrangler “Cereal Comic” #4 – Bull Riding

Wrangler “Cereal Comic” #5 – Steer Wrestling


Wrangler “Store Comic” #48 – Calf Ropers






Bareback Bronco Riding/Bill Linderman


Saddleback Bronco Riding/Deb Copenhaver


Calf Roping/Ray Wharton


Bull Riding/Buck Rutherford


Steer wrestling/Harley May


Bareback Bronco Riding/Eddy Akridge

A number of other items also associated with Rin Tin Tin followed.  Some of these are included under CARDS – such as the Order Forms and Insignia Patches.  Others are included under PLASTIC PREMIUMS – such as rings and totems.