These cards were issued in 1948, and are somewhat different than the preceding sets.  This set is divided into two parts – 12 notebook cards, numbered 1A through 12A, and 24 flying models to cut out an assemble, numbered 1-24


I have not seen a Canadian counterpart for this set, but would be very interested to hear of one.  The first of the Notebook cards lists the various models, and the following 11 describe how to build and fly them, as well as some information on the planes of tomorrow.  The models are designed by Rigby designs.  Each card has NSW [Nabisco Shredded Wheat] on the wing and a number corresponding to the number in the set [1-24].

postcard of the Model Number 1 (an American Airlines card) was produced advertising this set.  It was produced in red & blue on a similar gray cardboard stock, and is a little larger than the original card.

A list follows the illustrations.

Notebook card 1A

Notebook card 7A

Model card 1

Model card 10

1948 by Rigby Designs: designed by Wallis Rigby.  12 Aviation Notebook [A] cards, + 24 airplane model cards to color, cut out, and fly.

Aviation Notebook


1A.     List of planes

2A.     Careful folding insures better flight

3A.     Trim models carefully before each flight

4A.     Flying characteristics

5A.     Catapulting models

6A.     How to color your models

7A.     How to fit landing gear

8A.     Landing gear

9A.     When you have mastered simple gliding – try the controls

10A.   Here are the causes of faulty gliding

11A.   How jet propulsion has changed aeroplane design

12A.   What will the plane of tomorrow look like?




1.                     American Airlines DC-6 “Flagship”

2.                     U.S. Air Force P-80 – Lockheed “Shooting Star”

3.                     British Avro Tudor Luxury Airliner

4.                     Jet Propelled Flying Wing

5.                     U.S. Air Force B-36 Consolidated Vultee Bomber

6.                     U.S. Navy’s Grumman “Panther” – Fighter

7.                     U.S. Navy’s Martin “Mars” Flying Boat

8.                     U.S. Air Force X-1 Bell Experimental Supersonic

9.                     British Saunders-Roe Flying Boat

10.                 Stratosphere Rocket

11.                 Hughes “Hercules” – Flying Boat

12.                 Rigby design for Family Air Cruiser

13.                 TWA – Lockheed “Constellation”

14.                 British Gloster Meteor – Twin Jet Fighter

15.                 U.S. Air Force Boeing XB-47 Stratojet

16.                 British Supermarine’s Famous “Spitfire”

17.                 U.S. Navy’s McDonnell “Phantom”  Jet Fighter

18.                 U.S. Air Force No. American Mustang Fighter

19.                 Trans-Ocean Flying Wing

20.                 U.S. Navy Lockheed “Constitution”

21.                 Pan Am  Boeing “Stratocruiser”

22.                 U.S. Air Force Republic “Thunderjet”

23.                 U.S. Navy Douglas “Skyrocket”

24.                 Giant Interplanetary Aircraft